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Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind +91-7300250825 Famous Free Astrologer In india I was a wife who wished to live and do whatever I wanted. I did a good thing – a righteous marriage. Yet I failed when my desire to marry a righteous became my idol. In my pride, I wanted others to think that we had it all together. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

I put that demand on my husband who followed the elusive mistress of alcohol. He was lodged in a drug addiction prison while I was held captive. Fear drove me away. I was afraid that the life I wished would never be built. I was afraid that I would never love my husband and would know the deep sorrow of our house and the untoward marriage. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

If you are waiting for your husband for any reason, first of all, your grief is valid. It is very difficult. But none of your tears or prayers will go in vain. There is great importance in your waiting, prayer, hope and dedication. God desires to work in your marriage, but it can begin with you. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Here are some ideas of how to stay waiting while you wait:

1 Ask God and others for wisdom.

If you are a wife in a difficult situation, it is important that you constantly ask God for wisdom, clarity and wisdom. Fog of the judgment of the hurting clouds; Take wise advice and prayerfully make decisions that align with God’s Word. If you are facing any kind of physical abuse, immediately get away from the situation Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

and seek help! This may sound like calling the authorities and contacting the leadership within your church to inform you of what is happening within your home. It is important that you and your children are safe. Know that it can often be difficult to see how badly children are being affected. Just don’t be in a situation that is dangerous or dangerous. Don’t wait for something to happen “too bad”. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Your spouse needs a “lie” to survive – this is a lie, and is often used to keep you in a controlled and dangerous situation. There is no place to allow crime to carry out its functions or to remain silent. Ultimately, it is God who is your provider and protector. Do not be paralyzed in fear, and know that your spouse is not allowed to mistreat you or your children. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

2 Remember that God is still working when you are not seeing it.

It is impossible, with your limited knowledge, to see what all God is doing to draw your husband to you. You might not see evidence for years that God is blaming him. This does not mean that God is not following him. Remember that God has an eternal vision. His timetable is not your own. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

While it may seem that God is silent, realize that we cannot fully understand the horrors of all that he is doing and that he is working in a much larger scope than our eyes, especially When you are so focused in pain the moment and for an extended season of “waiting” to pass on your desire.

If your husband is not a believer, do not expect him to take such action.

Perhaps you can’t believe what kind of movies your husband watches or the language that comes out of his mouth. Perhaps he does not like going to church and gets excited when you bring anything to do with God. Darkness does not like light which evokes sin. If he does not have a relationship with Christ, he does not have the right spirit to help him think right from wrong. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

His eyes are not open, and his ears are not heard. Instead of placing expectations on him, pray that the blind be removed from his eyes. Pray that he will be soft and happy heart towards the Lord. It is not your job to convince your husband of God, to pressure, to lecture or to work. It is the Holy Spirit who will seduce, persuade and attract her husband to herself.

4 Become a peacemaker.

This does not mean that you will not stand to sin. But it means respecting her husband as a person. You can hate sin without disrespecting the sinner. Be careful with the information you share with others. Keep your mouth carefully around everyone, especially your children. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Pray to whom and how to share. It is mandatory for others to pray for you and for your family and especially for your husband. You need support and intelligent counseling. To be motivated by bitterness and expectation of love and reconciliation rather than revenge. Ask people close to you to hold you accountable about your attitude. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Use the community of Christ’s body for prayer and marriage and healing intentions of prayer. Your children may struggle with frustration and bitterness. Help them navigate through these feelings by giving them a safe place to express their feelings and lead them to pray for their father, instead of slowly adding fuel to the fire by bashing them in their presence.

5 Don’t let disappointment become your identity.

Although your marriage is not what you can do or what you want, there is still a life to live. Your identity should not be in your struggles, as much as in the success of your marriage. And first of all, you are a daughter of kings. Almighty God has called you his own. No one else can take your real identity away from you. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Focus on eternity by remembering that you are the offspring of the living God. Other people are watching you and how do you react to your tests. You have been given a platform to live out the gospel despite your difficult circumstances, and may God use your sufferings as a light and example for those who are going through the same situation. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Your faith is being given an opportunity to appear to the people around you. You should not be perfect or pretend that you are not sad. Being honest is part of witnessing. Yet despite these sorrows, you can live a life that testifies that you are loved and cared for by a God.

Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

6 is a correct theology.

There are times when life is not fair and it simply does not make sense. It can be tempting to blame God for the sins man has committed towards you. Doing that leaves you with a bent attitude that God has transformed into his character. . . Or that he is not good but is the stable and unchanging father who sees and who is equally kind. He feels inappropriate. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Without sin, he was pierced for our crimes. Invite God in your sorrows and your doubts about your intimate love. If you have anger and anger towards God, express it. He wishes that you bring him everything including your enmity. Ask him if you can give a true perspective that is rooted in truth. When you have become angry and bitter towards him, apologize to him. Realize that he is a father who loves you and understands your worldly struggles. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

7 There was a loss.

When you do not want to live in your grief, it is necessary to realize that you have been greatly influenced by things you could not control. Opening those deep injuries is helpful in your processing and healing. This does not mean that you forgive and forget, but rather that you forgive and choose to move forward. It can be beneficial to receive a biblical consultation to help process the wounds. Healing will take time. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

You did not find the place where you are overnight. Be patient with your progress and belief that God will not leave you in the rawness of your pain. Your pride can entice you to look super spiritual and do it all at once, when you know deep down that you are a complete mess. Be transparent, be honest, and to allow God who is near the broken to cover you with his perfect peace.

8 Extend kindness.

Remember that God first took pity on you by crucifying his son. When you were still a sinner, you were given mercy and grace. Mercy might not seem appropriate. Kindness is probably not what you want to think about, but it is the attitude of your heart and motivates this. Even when you are struggling with the aspect of forgiveness, ask God for a happy and opposite heart. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

By your grace, ask your spouse to give you the ability to see with a view to experiencing God’s undeserved kindness. Mercy does not mean that when you sin you become a doormat. You have to be intelligent. Mercy is essential to your heart that God is the ultimate judge and you can count on the sinner as well as the sinner to deal with him. It is because of kindness that any of us are called children of God. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

9 Do not let the bitterness go from the root.

We easily believe that we deserve our love. The enemy can count on you in your vain that you lie about everyone, how you deserve, how God has failed you, and how you are justified in your hatred. But if you allow those thoughts to consume you, bitterness will destroy you. God is a righteous God, and he will deal with sin. Even many times you are asked to take a stand, God will eventually be the one who disobeys them with the other person. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

Bitterness is a cancer; It will affect every area of ​​your life. This will eat away your bliss. When you are driven by a heart full of hate, it is hard to be obedient. It is especially important to continue worship and pray about your disability. The world will tell you that you have the right and duty to be bitter. But the world is not seeing your circumstances ready through the redemption of the cross.

10 Be prepared to examine your heart.

This is perhaps the most important lesson of all. God wants to work in you. He doesn’t want to leave you where you are – he loves you very much. He wants to increase your faith, your dependence and your love for him. Be ready to allow God to change you. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

While this difficult situation does not seem like a gift, it will probably be something that God uses to refine your faith in your life. Have faith that he is working for your good, even when you are not understanding. His heart is for you, his compassion does not fail towards you, his ears cry to his beloved children. You are the beloved daughter of “El Roi”, who sees God.

I explain more about these concepts in my book, Waiting for His Heart: Lessons from a Wife Who Choses to Stay. My husband’s addiction is just a backdrop to my story of how God used me for a long time and the heart-wrenching season to bring me to the point where I wanted him above all else. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

God loves you He will never reject you. He hears your cry! He craves to draw you near and fill you with his supernatural peace. No matter what your circumstances, whether your situation never changes this side of eternity, God is. He is the steady hand under your days. Dua To Change Husbands Heart and Mind

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